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The choice of cigar cutter is very personal and individual.  Each smoker will have their own favorite cutter, or cutters, as different styles yield different results.


To help you understand the differences between cigar cutter types, we’ve laid out the basics of each here and remember that as each Smokes location, our staff can assist you with your personal selection…


Guillotine cutterThis style of cigar cutter is the most popular.  Guillotine cutters are made with either one or two blades that slide horizontally and slice the head of the cigar.  Cutting a cigar with a guillotine style cutter requires practice.  Here’s a tip:  before you slice the head of the cigar, twist the blades slightly against the wrapper to score it.  It will be less likely to tear.


Grip style cutter Similar to the guillotine cutter, the grip style cutter uses two blades attached at a pivot point.  When the cutter is closed, the blades slice the head of the cigar.  You should “score” the wrapper leaf of your cigar with a grip cutter as you would a guillotine style cigar cutter.


Punch cutter This is the easiest type of cigar cutter to use.  The cigar punch consists of a barrel shaped blade that “punches” a hole in the head of your cigar.  The trick to the punch cutter is to twist the cutter as you push it into the head of the cigar, slicing the leaf rather than pushing through on force alone which can lead to tears.  The downside to the punch cutter is that it is all but useless on pointed head cigars such as torpedoes and belicosos.


V-cutterAlso known as the “cat’s eye” cutter, the “V” style cigar cutter uses an angled blade to cut a wedge shaped slice from the head of the cigar.  V-cutters come in two styles:  the old-fashioned, long handled models with openings for multiple cigar sizes and the pocket sized style, similar to a guillotine.  V-cutters have many proponents but are also of little use on a cigar with a pointed head.


Cigar scissorsUndoubtedly the most elegant way to cut a cigar is with a fine, cigar scissors.  Cigar scissors feature specially curved blades that allow for a very precise cut.  As with a guillotine or grip style cutter, it is best to bring the blades of the cigar scissors into contact with the cigar’s wrapper and twist slightly as you begin your cut.  This will score the wrapper rather than crushing it with the force of the closing scissors.  A good quality cigar scissors, like a guillotine or grip, can cut the head of most any cigar, including the large ring gauges that are becoming so prevalent.


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