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Pipe Accessories, Tools, and Supplies

Serious pipe smokers require serious pipe accessories and at SmokesOnMain we understand these needs.  So we went to our "guy" for recommendations on the best pipe accessories and supplies.  These premium pipe maintenance accessories and tools will keep your favorite pipes looking and smoking their best for years of enjoyment.


Here's just a sample of the accessories, tools and pipe supplies available at all SmokesOnMain locations...

Decatur Pipe Shield Stem Set with Haze-­‐Away and Shine Brite:


This two-­‐part kit from noted pipe accessory manufacturer Decatur contains everything you need to restore the shine on your pipe’s stem to factory new.  Begin with Haze-­‐Away to remove oxidization from the Vulcanite stems of your favorite pipes.  A little gentle rubbing will remove years of build up.  Then, follow up with Shine Brite to remove the slight haze remaining from the de-­‐oxidization process and bring the shine on your pipe’s stem back to like new.

Decatur Pipe Shield Briar Fresh:


Designed to remove build-­‐up from the stem, draft hole, and chamber or your pipe, Briar Fresh dissolves tars and residue leaving your pipe smoking clean and fresh.  Simply wet a pipe cleaner with Briar Fresh and run it through the stem of your pipe.  A subtle aroma helps sweeten the pipe but disappears completely in minutes leaving your favorite pipe ready to go.

Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil -­‐  15ml Bottle:


Formulated to keep your Vulcanite pipe stems looking their finest, Obsidian Pipe Stem Oil should be applied sparingly with a soft cloth when your stems begin to loose their luster. Be careful, you don’t need much!


Should not be used on acrylic or Lucite stems. Vulcanite only!

Senior Deluxe Adjustable Pipe Reamer:


The Senior Deluxe Adjustable Pipe Reamer will help keep the interior of your bowl in top condition. Adjustable to fit a wide range of bowl sizes, this reamer is quality built with the serious pipe smoker in mind.

Shank brushes (5 pack):


Much heftier than pipe cleaners these shank brushes were designed to remove tars and other build-­‐up that accumulates in your favorite pipe.   Wet your brush with either pipe cleaning fluid (or your favorite fine liquor) and gently brush away the gunk.  Follow up with a soft, absorbent pipe cleaner and enjoy your favorite pipe again!

Cork pipe knockers:


Quit banging your favorite pipe’s bowl and risking damage. Grab an inexpensive Cork Pipe Knocker for your favorite ashtray and empty that bowl the right way. Got more than one favorite ashtray? No worries, these won’t break any bank.

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