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You’ll be blown away by SMOKES ON MAIN’s selection of tobacco products. We carry an extensive range of premium and discount cigarettes, cloves, tubes, rolling machines and more! Whether you're looking for a high-end puff or a budget-friendly delight, we know our stuff! Stop in and check out our smokin’ hot selection.

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Tobacco accessories and gift sets for sale in West Bend and Fond du Lac

Wide Selection of Premium and Discount Cigarette Brands

SMOKES ON MAIN’s wide array of premium and discount cigarette brands accommodate all preferences and budgets. We also source clove cigarettes from trusted suppliers for an authentic experience.

Premium CigarettesView All
American Spirits American Spirits
Camel Camel
Capri Capri
Carlton Carlton
Chesterfield Nonfilter Chesterfield Nonfilter
Eve Eve
Kent Kent
Kool Kool
Lucky Strike Nonfilter Lucky Strike Nonfilter
Marlboro Marlboro
Merit Merit
Newport Newport
Old Gold Old Gold
Pall Mall Nonfilter Pall Mall Nonfilter
Parliament Parliament
Pyramid Pyramid
Salem Salem
Tareyton Tareyton
Vantage Vantage
Virginia Slims Virginia Slims
Winston Winston
Discount CigarettesView All
Basic Basic
Doral Doral
Eagle Eagle
Eve Eve
Fortuna Fortuna
Liggett Select Liggett Select
Lucky Strike Filter Lucky Strike Filter
Maverick Maverick
Misty Misty
Montclair Montclair
Montego Montego
Pall Mall Filter Pall Mall Filter
Smoker Friendly Smoker Friendly
Sonoma Sonoma
USA Gold USA Gold

Loose Leaf Tobacco and Pipes for Sale

SMOKES ON MAIN is your one-stop destination for premium loose-leaf tobacco and pipes. We boast a large assortment of pipes, ranging from briar pipes, meerschaum pipes, corn cob pipes, churchwarden pipes, calabash pipes and clay pipes.

 Loose Leaf Tobacco Type Sub-Varieties Description Origin
Virginia Bright Leaf, Red Virginia, Lemon Virginia, Orange Virginia Widely grown and consumed, it is known for its natural sweetness and delicate flavors. Used in cigarettes and pipe blends. United States, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Canada, others
Burley White Burley, Air-cured Burley, Dark Burley, Kentucky Burley Lower in sugar content, higher in nicotine levels. Often used in cigarette blends, absorbs flavors well. United States, Brazil, Malawi, Argentina, and others
Oriental/Turkish Yenidje, Smyrna, Basma, Izmir, Samsun Aromatic and spicy, commonly used in pipe tobacco blends. Often paired with other tobaccos for balance. Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, others
Dark-fired Kentucky Fire-cured, Italian Dark-fired, Indian Dark-fired Air-cured with a longer curing process, results in a rich, smoky, and robust flavor. Used in pipe tobacco and chewing. United States, Italy, India, Argentina, and others
Perique Pure Perique Grown in Louisiana, it undergoes fermentation, offering fruity, spicy, and earthy notes. Used in pipe tobacco blends. United States (Louisiana)
Cavendish Black Cavendish, Virginia Cavendish, Burley Cavendish, and others Not a tobacco type, but a preparation method. Treated with heat and pressure for a smooth and mild smoke. Various countries depend on the base tobacco
Latakia Cyprian Latakia, Syrian Latakia, English Latakia Fire-cured tobacco imparts a smoky and rich flavor. Used in English-style pipe tobacco blends. Syria, Cyprus, and others

Export Tubes and Rolling Machines for DIY Smoking

SMOKES ON MAIN has several in-stock tubes, rolling machines, and rolling papers for a more tailored smoking experience.

Explore Tubes and Rolling Machines for DIY SmokingView All
El Rey El Rey
Gambler Gambler
Gambler Tube Cut Gambler Tube Cut
Zig Zag Zig Zag
Golden Harvest Golden Harvest
Premier Premier
Smoker Friendly Smoker Friendly
JOB Papers JOB Papers
OCB Papers OCB Papers
Pipe Tobacco in StockView All
Backwoods Backwoods
Borkum Riff Borkum Riff
Captain Black Captain Black
Carter Hall Carter Hall
Cherry from Arango Cherry from Arango
Classic Vanilla from Sutliff Classic Vanilla from Sutliff
El Dorado from Uhle's El Dorado from Uhle's
English Luxury from Arango English Luxury from Arango
Investor's Delight from Uhle's Investor's Delight from Uhle's
Irish Aromatic from Uhle's Irish Aromatic from Uhle's
Mac Baren Mac Baren
Montego Bay from Sutliff Montego Bay from Sutliff
Night Cap from Sutliff Night Cap from Sutliff
Paladin Paladin
Prince Albert Prince Albert
Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh
Spring Air from Uhle's Spring Air from Uhle's
Wild Cherry from Sutliff Wild Cherry from Sutliff
Smoker Friendly Smoker Friendly
Super Value Super Value

* While we are happy to provide demonstrations and tuneups for cigarette packing machines, we do not offer repair or in-store rolling services at this time.

In-Stock Powermatic II and III Cigarette Machines

SMOKES ON MAIN has in-stock Powermatic 3 Cigarette Machines in West Bend and Fond du Lac. The machine is highly regarded for its efficiency and speed, allowing for the quick production of multiple cigarettes. The automatic operation eliminates the need for manual labor and the adjustable settings provide custom options for density and tightness. The Powermatic 3’s user-friendly design and impressive features make it a favorite among tobacconists and customers alike.

Looking for other machines/injectors? We carry Top Injector, Top Roller, Top-O-Matic table top, Top-O-Matic T2 Table Top, and Zig Zag injectors.

E-Cigarettes & Nicotine Vapes

We're here to make your vaping journey extra smokin'! SMOKES ON MAIN has an extensive selection of E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Vapes, featuring the latest models and cutting-edge technology. Choose from Blu, Juul, Posh, etc. Our team stays up to date with the latest industry trends, guaranteeing that you have access to the most sought-after devices and accessories. With a plethora of flavors and nicotine strengths, we guarantee you'll find the goods here!

Chewing Tobacco For Sale

Discover the flavors, aromas and satisfaction that chewing tobacco provides. Whether it's a particular brand, cut, moisture level or flavor profile, SMOKES ON MAIN has a chewing tobacco selection for every preference. We carry loose-leaf chewing tobacco, twist tobacco, plug tobacco, chewing tobacco bits and chewing tobacco pouches. Each type of chewing tobacco comes in a range of flavors, such as traditional tobacco, mint, wintergreen, fruit and spice blends.

Be blown away by SMOKES ON MAIN! Visit us in Fond du Lac or West Bend for all your premium or discount tobacco purchases!
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